Hole In One Archive

If you know of past aces please let Matthew know so I may post. Thank you.

Luck or skill, an ace is one shot to remember. Congratulations to the folks below.


Brian Pepin 6th hole Sept 17th 2017, During the Ryder Cup in which they lost.

Doug Chandler 3rd hole, July 2017

Steve Ellis 16th hole, During Mens league 2017 (He did not come in and celebrate)

Henry Lamothe 18th hole 7 iron, During mens league 2015. We celebrated for weeks!

Ralph Wickson, 18th hole, 2013 using a driver. He won a mo-ped from Livingston’s Arctic Cat

Roger Cawley, 3rd hole, May 14th 2012

Tim Bryant, 3rd hole, May 4th 2012

Bob Grandfors, 18th hole May 2012

Alan Lepine, 18th hole, 2011

Chris Martz, 16th hole, 6/16/2010

Byron Brandes, 18 hole, November 2008, (hooded wedge)


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