2018-19 Sim League Updated

Here are the details. If interested please contact Matthew at 603-588-2923 or via email mbradbury@crotchedmountaingolfclub.com

 CMGC Winter Sim leagues will be starting the first full week in December. But all players are welcome to practice beforehand and encouraged to do so. We also will have a brief vacation for the holidays so there’s no added stress to make up a match.

 There’s no pressure to show up on certain nights or arrange matches with your competitors! Just book your time slot with your partner and play that week’s scheduled 9 holes! So every team has the flexibility to compete and to finish their 9 holes between the days and hours of Monday-Thursday 12am-8pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 10am-8pm. The season’s schedule will be posted in shop. (Different course each week) The amount of points your team makes will be totaled to the team’s season long total. A leader board will be posted in the Golf Shop with the winter schedule and weekly results.

Format-Two Person teams, 100% Handicaps to start, Quota Format, Points Standings will be updated weekly, along with your quota handicaps. Your Quota will be subject for change weekly but not more than 2 points. It will also be reset every 3rd week using your last 3 avg.

Costs-14 weeks of play! Season ending dinner and prizes awarded. Pay as you play $28 per team ($14ea). Teams must play in a total of 12 matches to attend the dinner and all weeks to be eligible for the prizes. Tourney entry fee $20 per person.

Dinner and Awards to be held in March. TBD.

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