Reminder of Open Mic Night

Tomorrow night is open mic night! Every Thursday. Danny Lowell and the Drones will be performing as well. From 7-11.  Come stop by, its a blast!


Also, we’re still excepting teams for the Winter Simulator League. Sign up with Matthew in the golf shop.

Why A Frost Delay?


frost green1

Footprints walking on the FW during a frost delay

frost frindge

Footprints walking along the fringe during a frost delay. (Its fresh, the footprints will turn brown and the grass will die.)

frost #3


Golfer pushing his cart during a frost delay. When the course is closed, please do not sneak out for round.

So next time the course is closed or under a frost delay. Please think of the course and the reason why we have frost delays. Please, do not play after the course closes. We do appreciate every ones help with maintaining the condition of our club. Thank you.

2013/2014 Winter Simulator League!

Here are the details. If interested please contact Matthew at 603-588-2923 or via email

 CMGC Winter Sim leagues will be starting the week of (Tuesday) December3rd. But all players are welcome to practice before hand and encouraged to do so. We also will have a brief vacation of play for the Holidays. So there’s no added stress to make up a match.
 There’s no pressure to show up on certain nights or arrange matches with your competitors!. Just book your time slot with your partner and play that weeks scheduled 9 holes! So every team has the flexibility to compete and to finish there 9 holes between the days and hours of Tuesday-Sunday, 10am -8pm (Bar will be open, and we will have a server for your convenience). Each week will be a different Course. And the amount of points made weekly will be totaled to the teams season long total. A Leader board will be posted in the Golf Shop.
Format-Two Person teams, 100% Handicaps, Quota Format, Points Standings will be updated weekly, along with your quota handicaps. Your Quota will be subject for change weekly but not more than 2 points.
Costs- there are two ways of paying! Option 1.(Best Deal) Is to pay in entirety before week 1 matches. 13 weeks=$300 per team(150ea) includes 13 weeks of play! Season Ending dinner! and prizes!. Or option 2.  Pay as you Play. $30 per team (15ea) Must play in a total of 10 matches to attend the dinner and be eligible for the prizes.