The “CRYBABY” Tournament.





Welcome to course revenge. New teeing grounds! Sadistic pin positions! A greens keeper’s dream! Can your foursome beat this course setup? Sign up with your team name and payment in the pro shop. 

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6/15/2012 UPDATE

Thank you to those that supported the TaylorMade Demo Day! It was a success! And we look forward to hearing about those longer drives and lower scores as a result.

Check the schedule of events the CRYBABY sign ups are posted in the Pro shop. This will be a four person scramble event. Non members $70. members $20. I know Im excited to see if the course wins!

We have had a lot of expressed feelings about the rough and the thickness of it. The maintenance crew is working extremely hard  to maintain the height at 2.5 inches as its been in years past. With the extreme rain conditions in the past 2 weeks. Its been  tough to get the mowers into some of the areas. But with the forecast projecting SUN and Heat. It will help immensely to dry out the rough and get it to the 2.5 inches. Making it easier to spot and hit out of.  The Greens have been verta-cutted and top dressed. They will be amazing by June 18th!

Congratulations to Justin Benson and Mike Martel finishing 2nd place at the New Hampshire four-ball tourney. Also To Josh Chamberlain and Ryan K finishing 3rd place!

Lastly be sure to have your friends sign up for the VIP club text messaging to receive amazing deals!!! just text the word     golfnh   to   71441


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Update Information

Hello Everyone,

1) Today June 2nd, we are still going to host the Callaway Demo day from 11-3. They have pop up tents and we have the HD golf simulator up and running. The reps will be able to custom fit you using the latest equipment like the HD launch monitor. Where they will be able to dial in your Launch angle, spin, smash factor, apex range, decent angle, lie and loft, etc. This is a great day to buy Callaway equipment as they offer a sale when you purchase, today only. Come on in and check it out.

2)  Id like to thank everyone for participating in the events so far this year. They’ve been a great success. With that said, sign up for the US Open Challenge scheduled for June 16th! Also Taylormade will be on the driving range, Saturday June 9th. Come check it out!

3)  Thank you to the grounds staff. As they’ve worked around the clock to get the course in the best condition its ever been in. Dan Dalfonso and the guys are doing a great job and we had rave reviews from yesterdays big outing. Thanks Guys